Sunday, 10 February 2013 11:08

Welcome to Directorate of Research


Started in the 1970's as a developmental university in northern Kerala, the university has now grown to the largest in Kerala, enrolling nearly 300,00 students every year for various programmes. Significant research enhancement has also occurred through the availability of research facilities and through capacity building. We welcome you to join this largest stream, for engaging with new research opportunities and participating in the process of developing an advanced knowledge-based society.

Research Directorate is established in 2012, to provide expert support to research as core activity at University of Calicut. This includes building new research capacity as well as sustaining existing excellence, whilst critically reflecting on, and evolving, our own

systems and procedures. The Research Directorate is responsible for administering all activities related to research in the campus as well as in affiliated institutions, research quality assurance and the management of an information system. The Office supports research planning and policy implementation, and manages the UGC and government requirements for research.